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 Lost Planet 2 (xbox 360)

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PostSubject: Lost Planet 2 (xbox 360)   Sun May 09, 2010 11:31 pm

Lost Planet 2 [XBOX360]
Xbox360 | ISO | 7.29 GB | English | Capcom | May 05, 2010
Genre: Sci-Fi Shooter

The next installment in the popular Lost Planet action series, Lost Planet 2 is a third-person shooter which continues the story of humanity?s futuristic struggles and attempts at colonization on the planet E.D.N III. A blend of new RPG elements and features that made the original game a huge success, including massive boss battles against the alien Akrid creatures, rugged terrain, mech warfare and dynamic multiplayer support, Lost Planet 2 is sure to please both new and longtime fans of the franchise alike. Addition features include local split-screen co-op play and appearances by Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago from the Gears of War games.


* Massive environments brought to life by an advanced game engine, a truly huge scale of enemies and a rewards system which rewards players for assisting teammates and contributing to the team?s success against them.
* An unbelievable variety of Vital Suits and new ways to use them. The new VS system will have a powerful impact on the way the player takes to the war zone in Lost Planet 2.
* 4-player co-op and split-screen co-op locally allowing you to team up to battle the giant Akrid.
* Teamwork is the player?s key to victory as team members are dependent on each other to succeed and survive.
* Appearances by Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago from the Gears of War games.
* RPG elements added to the game include character customization, experience points, evolution of the game based on players decisions and actions (single player).



hotfile.com lostplanet.2.x360.part01.rar.html
hotfile.com lostplanet.2.x360.part02.rar.html
hotfile.com lostplanet.2.x360.part03.rar.html
hotfile.com lostplanet.2.x360.part04.rar.html
hotfile.com lostplanet.2.x360.part05.rar.html
hotfile.com lostplanet.2.x360.part06.rar.html
hotfile.com lostplanet.2.x360.part07.rar.html
hotfile.com lostplanet.2.x360.part08.rar.html
hotfile.com lostplanet.2.x360.part09.rar.html
hotfile.com lostplanet.2.x360.part10.rar.html
hotfile.com lostplanet.2.x360.part11.rar.html
hotfile.com lostplanet.2.x360.part12.rar.html
hotfile.com lostplanet.2.x360.part13.rar.html
hotfile.com lostplanet.2.x360.part14.rar.html
hotfile.com lostplanet.2.x360.part15.rar.html
hotfile.com lostplanet.2.x360.part16.rar.html
hotfile.com lostplanet.2.x360.part16.rar.html
hotfile.com lostplanet.2.x360.part17.rar.html
hotfile.com lostplanet.2.x360.part17.rar.html
hotfile.com lostplanet.2.x360.part18.rar.html
hotfile.com lostplanet.2.x360.part18.rar.html
hotfile.com lostplanet.2.x360.part19.rar.html
hotfile.com lostplanet.2.x360.part19.rar.html
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Lost Planet 2 (xbox 360)
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